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I'm a TOUR Operator

Tuesday Mar 09, 2010

SPRING BREAK 2010!!!! Let’s face it. You work hard all year long, and even after a winter break, you’re ready for that spring break.

You don't want to put the work into booking a flight for you and your friends, booking a hotel, transportation to and from the airport etc. So, you find a spring break tour operator. Now you ask, “what is that?” Well, folks, here’s an example, These guys research the best places to stay, create some of the best deals for a spectacular spring break package that costs you less in the long run. Not only can you save money on your spring break and time on planning it, but the likes of Sun Splash Tours can get you transportation, food deals, and drink deals at some of the hottest spots at your destination.

Let’s say you’re on your way for a spring break Negril style. A spring break tour operator can set you up from your sweet room at the Negril Beach Club to the local Hedonism club. Drinks and food included along with transportation. During the day, you can find your tour operator reps. on the beach leading some of the best parties on the beach. Often times, concerts will be set up for you to enjoy while you’re on your spring break as well.

So, the benefits of a spring break tour operator far outweigh planning everything on your own. Plus, you’ll worry less and enjoy yourself more. DO IT.

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Spring Break Jamaica Blog

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Sunday, November 27, 2011 20:43 PM

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