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Traveling Safety Tips

Tuesday Feb 23, 2010

We all hear about the horror stories about traveling outside of the US. My experience in Jamaica was unbelievable, and the horror stories held untrue for my stay. But, I want to warn you travelers about one stupid mistake I made while on Spring Break Jamaica.

One day we decided to ditch the beach and see some local culture. Our hotel gave us directions to a local marketplace. The market was awesome. It had cute knickknacks, fresh fruits, and local music. We had a blast roaming around the market looking at the sights.

I was carrying a backpack, and the zippers were at the top. Somehow a person quickly unzipped my bag and took my wallet without me noticing. The good news is that I only had about 20 bucks in my wallet at the time, and my credit cards and id were at the hotel. It was my stupid mistake not to hold my bag tight. For all of you traveling abroad, or anywhere for that matter, remember to keep your personal items close.

My other piece of advice is to always keep your ID and passport in the hotel safe. And, please donít carry a lot of money around. Spring Break Jamaica is awesome just watch your personal items, but other than that have a blast!!!

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