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Spring Break Jamaica - Day 1

Friday Dec 18, 2009

I remember getting on the plane heading to Jamaica, and I have never felt happier.
It was freezing in Chicago and I couldn't wait to get to the airport. I finally remember stepping on the plane and was so excited that I couldn't sleep the entire flight. I remember getting off the plane, getting my luggage, walking out of the airport and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. I've never been out of the U.S. so when we got to Jamaica, I couldn't believe my eyes. There were so many palm trees and the sun was out. It was a perfect day.

We got to our hotel, which was really cute. I think it was called the Gardenia Resort. We had the all-inclusive package, which was well worth it because it was all we could drink.
The first thing we did was unpack and went down to the pool. Our resort had an awesome pool that was already packed when we got there. My fave part about it was the pool bar.

There were so many people all over the place and everyone was having such a good time. After we got bronzed and met a lot of people, we decided to all get dinner. Since it was super close to our hotel, I think we ended up going to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. It had great food and people were getting crazy in there.

We went back to our hotel to get ready for the night. We all got so dressed up since it was our first night there. We all wore heels and dresses and we were def looking hot. We went to The Jungle and it was so crazy. Packed with good looking people and the Jamaican rum punch was to die for. We danced all night long and made so many new friends that we ended up hanging out during the rest of our trip.

I'm not even sure what time we got home but it was by far one of the best nights of my life. Let's just say that the entire next day required lounging beach side, working on our tan.
We’re going to do some cliff diving later in the week. SOOOO excited for my spring break Jamaica.

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Wednesday Dec 23, 2009 02:59
Spring Break Jamaica!!!!!

I went to Jamaica 2 years ago for Spring Break! You're right, The Jungle is an awesome place! Risky Business was so much fun too. We are thinking about going back this year, just trying to decide if we want to try somewhere new or go somewhere that we already know we'll have a great time.

--- Jackie

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