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Spring Break Panama City Beach Day 1

Tuesday Mar 02, 2010

Today is March 1, 2010. For many, it is the start of spring break 2010, for others, they still have one more week to go. But, letís focus on the first day of spring break Panama City Beach. You have more than likely hopped in your car and are driving to PCB. Youíve got some games to play in the car, some music to listen to with some songs youíre embarrassed to admit you put on your spring break playlist.

You may be fuming from that one speeding ticket you got on the way to PCB or are frustrated with the friend in the car that definitely didnít sleep the night before. But, you donít really care because in a few hours youíll be in PCB, checking into your hotel room, grabbing a quick bite and planning your first day of spring break panama city beach.

Generally, what I do when I get to PCB is head to Winn-Dixie. I like to grab some food for the room which is cheaper than eating at restaurants all the time. You can also grab your libations at this time as well. Itís probably a little late in the afternoon to hit the beach (and given this is such a cold year for Florida, too late to hit the beach). So, relax, unpack, eat that bag of beef jerky you undoubtedly bought and plan your night.

Here, you all have to be 21 to really enjoy PCB. So, walk down the strip or get a designated driver. On Thomas drive the goal is to drive slow and be seen. Donít be those guys that drive momís minivan down the strip with the sliding doors open on either side. Please DO NOT DO THAT. You have your choice of many small bars, medium sized clubs or the behemoth of Club La Vela. You canít go wrong with any of these. Get a buddy system plan. Ladies, you donít want to leave a girl wondering alone, fellas, you donít want to leave your bud cornered with an ugly cougar (unless thatís his thing or he really made you mad on the car ride down).

Stay out late, get home safe, then get up early, deal with what little amount of sleep you got, shower as best you can and head to whatever pool party event/ mini-golf deal with a drink special/ brunch bar you can find and plan day two of spring break panama city beach.

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