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Spring Break Panama City Beach 2010

Tuesday Nov 24, 2009

Iím super excited to be heading to Panama City Beach, FL for SB10! I went there last year and it was out of control! My girlfriends and I are already starting to plan for our 2010 trip and will be booking by the end December (thanks to my parents and Christmas money!!) because the sooner you book, the cheaper it is! Iím going to be with 12 of my sorority sisters next year and itís going to be INSANE! This past year in PCB- We stayed at The Summit Condos. The weather was awesome, there were so many cute boys and we came back being so bronzed!

MTV was in Panama City Beach this year too and Lil Wayne and Kid Cudi performed and it was sick!! Perfect Spring Break Panama City Beach party music! I canít even wait to see who shows up this year! And, there are so many different bars that were close to our hotel; whether you want a club like atmosphere (Club La Vela was my fave if you want a dance party) or a more laid back bar, there is literally something for everyone.

We met so many people from all over the US that we still keep in touch with and half of those people will be meeting us in Panama City Beach again next year (because it was the craziest Spring Break EVER!!) and the other half are going to Daytona Beach, FL. Maybe weíll do Spring Break Daytona Beach, FL in 2011!! Words wonít even be able to describe the fun we are going to have! If you havenít been to Panama City Beach before, you defintely need to check it out for Spring Break 2010! See ya there!!

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Tuesday Jan 12, 2010 06:29
me and my boys were gonna do 2 days of PCB and the rest of the week in Daytona in '09, but PCB was so much fun we stayed the whole wk thats why we are going back again in 2010.
ay here is a facebook group for ppl going to PCB.

--- bj

Monday Dec 14, 2009 08:23
we just booked too - pabama city beach is awesome, and we never stay anywhere else apart from the sandpiper.

where are you guys staying?

check this place out - you won't regret it :)

--- jason

Wednesday Nov 25, 2009 04:31
YAYYY i'm so excited!!! This really gets me pumped for Spring Break Panama City Beach, FL!!
--- Jess

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