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Five best things to buy while laying on the beach

Tuesday Feb 19, 2013

When you head down to the Bahamas for Spring break this year, make sure you bring some extra cash to spend it on beach supplies. Here are 5 things you will want to buy while you soak up the sun on Bahamian beaches.

1. Sun tan lotion - Spring break Bahamas is all about getting tan, but it's also about making sure you don't get beat red from too much sun exposure. The cure for this is sun tan lotion. Stop by a local Walgreens when you are down in the Bahamas to pick up some strong SPF sunscreen.

2. Sunglasses - Not only do sunglasses help you to make a fashion statement, but they also keep your eyes protected from the sun. Check out Sunglass Hut for the best selection on sunglasses around.

3. Beach Towels - Get the softest and most comfortable beach towel that you can find, as you will be spending a lot of time on it during Spring Break. If you can find one with a cool pattern or your school colors, than you are all set.

4. Umbrellas - Nothing keeps you in the shade better than placing umbrellas next to your beach towel. Our favorite brand is The Brolly, due to its unique umbrella handle and fashion appeal. It's also one of the best conversation starters around, so got out and get a Brolly umbrella today.

5. Bottled Water - When you have the sun beating down on you all day, there is one thing you need to keep your body replenished; bottled water. Seek out the nearest market and purchase a case of bottled water that you can bring with the other items mentioned above to the beach.

Have a blast in the Bahamas this year!

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Spring Break Bahamas Blog

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