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Saving for your spring break trip

Monday Apr 12, 2010

Thereís all sorts of ways to save up for your spring break. I know what itís like when youíre researching your spring break destination whether it be spring break Cancun or spring break Bahamas. After all, youíre only a college student and can barely afford that coffee you grab on the way to that class let alone pay for a spring break trip. Relax. It isnít as difficult to save up for your trip as you might imagine.

First of all, spring break is a time to let go and relax, and for some of you, itís your last spring break and a chance to really let loose. You want to save up as much as you can to really enjoy spring break. So, youíre going to need to sacrifice some to get there.

Number 1: stop buying that coffee every morning on the way to class. Letís say you buy a $4 coffee every day on your way to class. If you cut that out, youíll save $20 a week, and if you do that every day, youíve got $80 in savings to put towards part of your trip. The same goes for your late night snacking and debauchery. Cut out one day a weekend and the savings can really add up!

Number 2: have you thought of a job be it full time or part time? Sure going to school can be very time consuming and you are there to learn, after all, but if you have the time to work even part time, you can save money quickly for your spring break trip. If you even work 10 hours a week making minimum wage ($7.50 letís say), thatís an extra $75 a week to save!

Number 3: if it comes down to it, gather all the loose change you can find, save it in a jar and wait until youíre close to your spring break day and cash it in. Now youíve got some walking around money for when you land!

Number 4: If you know where you want to go and have enough time, ask your parents for the money as a gift or the rest of your family. Theyíll be happy to help because, letís face it, once youíre out of school, they expect you to go to work and pay off those disastrous and monstrous loans as soon as possible!

These are just a few ways you can come up with some money to pay for your spring break. Iím sure youíre creative enough to come up with others. We can add more to this list as we go along!

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