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Cruisin' to the Bahamas

Tuesday Feb 23, 2010

Iím going on a Spring Break Bahamas trip! Iím super excited, but the one issue is that we are going on a cruise. Iíve always had motion sickness, so Iím extremely worried about my health while on-board the ship. My friends convinced me to go on this trip, and I didnít want to turn them down because I want to go on Spring Break í10. They all assured me that you canít feel anything on cruise ships. I donít understand how that is true. There are days when the ship doesnít even dock, how is it possible that I wonít feel the movement. And what if there is a storm? I pray that there isnít for the sake of my tan, but what if?

So far I have taken a few precautions. My mom bought me those sea sick wrist bands. Iím not sure the technical name for them, but they look like sweat bands with a little ball on the inside. My mom told me the little ball activates a pressure point and you are less likely to feel the motion. I donít know if I believe her, but it's some ancient Chinese remedy so I hope it works.

And if those bands donít work, Iím bringing a stash of Dramamine. Even though that stuff knocks me out, I know it works. I will let that be my very last resort especially because I want to enjoy my Spring Break Bahamas trip!

If anyone has other suggestions for motion sickness please let me know. Or if anyone has more insight on motion sickness on a cruise, I would love some more feedback.

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