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Friday Jan 15, 2010

If I gave you a map right now, could you point out where the Bahamas are? Well 82% of Americans canít. I actually made that up, but it sounds about right. This spring break, why donít you learn a little about where youíre going (Spring Break Bahamas). While youíre partying in Nassau (the capital, BTW), why not astound your friends or that friendly trick in the corner with some information about pirates? After all, Nassau is home to the official pirate museum. All those pirates in ĎPirates of the Caribbeaní are based on real pirates that meandered the Bahamas. This includes Edward Teach (thatís Black Beard the pirate for all of those non-pirate aficionados). Iíve been to that museum and it is fun ($20 bucks to get in and thereís singing).

Once youíve sobered up from a night out by lounging on the beach (it is spring break in the Bahamas after all), rent a moped. You can ride around Nassau and the whole island in a few hours sightseeing. Relax, the official currency of the Bahamas is the dollar so renting the mopeds, getting a beer with your fried conk lunch isnít a problem.

Did you know that the Bahamas is still a constitutional monarchy? God Save the Queen. She reigns over all 29 islands that make up the Bahamas. Now, go grab a Bacardi something-or-other, because not only are the Bahamas known for their rum, but you canít walk up to that same friendly woman on the beach empty handed, and try your luck bringing out some of these nice morels of Bahamian knowledge. Your spring break Bahamas should end fairly well and now youíre all the better for it.

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