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Look Out Spring Break Bahamas!

Wednesday Dec 16, 2009

Hey Everyone, Iím a guest blogger and wanted to tell everyone about Spring Break Bahamas and maybe get a heads up about the trip as well.

My frat bros and I just booked our cruise for Spring Break Bahamas! We are all so stoked and heard there are such beautiful women on this party cruise every year. Iíve checked out a few other blogs about it and there are so many things you can do on a ship. This ship holds 1300 students and you party for 5 days ó That is going to be nuts! And I was reading about all the things you can do in the Bahamas: Swim with dolphins, deep sea fishing, parasailing, jet ski, banana boat rides, shopping and letís not forget boozing our faces off and getting so tan.

This trip is super cheap, compared to all of the others and it sounds like it might be crazier than the others. Itís not as long of a trip as the others, but youíre pretty much just boozing and cruising for 5 days straight. Me and my fraternity brothers are way excited. Are there any awesome places to check out (i.e what bars and restaurants should we go to during the day)?

I think itís going to be cool that you can party on the different islands during the day and then you cruise around at night and party on the ship. They have dance floors, casinos, lounge areas.

If youíve gone on this cruise for Spring Break Bahamas beforeÖlet me know what you guys thought or what we can do to make it the craziest spring break yet! We need awesome ideas because we are a rowdy crew and just want to P.A.R.T.Y!


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