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"Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty Momma...."

Friday Jul 24, 2009

"Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty Momma...." After recently hearing this wonderful classic, the lyrics got me thinking about exploring a spring break vacation to Nassau, Bahamas. Where is it on the map you ask? Who knows and who cares..... The Beach Boys have obviously been there, and if its good enough to sing about, then it is good enough to vacation too!!! Actually, Nassau, Bahamas is much more than just good enough. This is a world class vacation destination that has all the intangibles that can make your trip the vacation of a lifetime. First off, a little history....

In the early 1700's Nassau was a pirate rendezvous. Occupied by some of the most world renowned pirates, including "Blackbeard" himself, Nassau was not what you would call "tourist friendly." This only lasted for a short time before the English came and took over. Nassau is now the capital, commercial center, and the largest city of the Bahamas. Nassau boasts a whopping 80% of the population of the entire Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Spring breakers be warned that Nassau has no local government, but the island's past relationship with pirates seems to be enough to keep trouble at a minimum. Nassau is famous for its colonial architecture and its beautiful port. However, let Mom and Dad worry about that....You are here to party spring break style!

With the average temperature during the spring break months at around 80 degrees F, it is easy to understand why this is such a popular spot. One of the biggest reasons that Nassau has become one of the hottest spring break destinations is because of the world famous Atlantis resort. The Atlantis is voted to be the best and most beautiful vacation spot in the world! That sounds pretty good!

Hold on, there is one more thing to tip the scale. Nassau has been home to Hollywood films for many years. A number of James Bond films, the Beatles movie "Help!", "Into the Blue", and of course, "Flipper" all have been filmed in this tropical paradise. Feel free to gamble like James Bond, sing late night Karaoke like the Beatles, and swim like flipper in the beautiful ocean water during your stay in Nassau, Bahamas. Why not? It is Spring Break Bahamas!!!

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