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“South Dad” is a good choice for spring break

Saturday Feb 20, 2010

Spring break South Padre Island, the closest you can get to Mexico on spring break without a passport. That’s what we did at least. We booked our trip and thought about driving, but then we didn’t. We booked a flight. We were all 21 anyway so we didn’t have to worry about not being able to go to different clubs and different events on the beach. We looked up different things to do their before we went.

The majority of what we found online was things you’d do with your family (see horseback riding, golf). That’s not what we were going there for. We were going to P.A.R.T.A.Y and fist pump! We found the following list of clubs.

Boomerang Billy's Beach Bar & Grill
Club Pelican West
Coral Reef Lounge
Isla Grand - Whiskey Shack
Louie's Backyard
Padre Rock
Palm Street Pier Bar & Grill

So, we thought it fitting to hit all these bars up while we were there. Mooncussers turned out to be the most fun time. We came up with a game that in every sentence we had to cuss while we were there. So, nothing really changed as far our conversations went.

We spent a lot of time on the beach recuperating during the day time. We were their, after all, to get warm from the bitter Wisconsin cold and “Snowmageddon.” Taking a flight turned out to be the best decision because we got more time on the beach. Cindy brought up a good point for us to ponder while we were on the beach, “doesn’t Padre mean dad in Spanish?” she asked. Classic Cindy. So, we called it “South Dad” the rest of the trip. There were some locals that didn’t appreciate it. Really, I looked around.

All in all, “South Dad” is a good choice for spring break.

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“South Dad” is a good choice for spring break
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