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Get ready for Spring Break South Padre Island

Thursday Feb 18, 2010

Coca-Cola Beach is the place to be during the day in Spring Break South Padre Island. The party doesn’t stop from 11am-5pm offering the hottest DJ’s, contests, giveaways, free entertainment and chances to win thousands of prizes.

There are tons of activities that you can join in on during your spring break trip: Awesome beach parties, dolphin watch cruises and ECO-tours, fishing, golf, horseback riding, kite boarding, surfing, water sports and windsurfing. Plus, from 3/6-3/24 Skydive South Padre will be conducting tandem jumps during spring break - everyone is invited!

When the sun goes down and you aren’t ready to stop partying, you can check out these hotspots (do a little research to see where you’ll want to go when you’re in South Padre): Boomerang Billy’s, Chaos, Club Pelican West, Coconuts, Coral Reef Lounge, Isla Grand, Louie’s Backyard, Mooncussers, Padre Rock, Palm Street Pier and Grill, Quarterdeck Club, Sheraton’s Beachside Bar, Tequilla Sunset, Tom and Jerry’s Beach Club, Wahoo Saloon, Wanna-Wanna Beach Bar and Grill.

Hungry? There are so many places to choose from. You have the basics: Denny’s, McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Subway, etc. Or you have places called The Big Donkey or The Pelican Nest, that sound so cool you’ll want to check out. And, there are the nicer restaurants like Sushi/Japanese or high-end Italian spots.

This will be a week that you’ll never forget. With so much to do and see, you’ll think that you are in heaven.

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