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What can I say about Spring Break South Padre Island….. It’s AWESOME!!!!!!!

Thursday Jan 14, 2010

Let me start off by saying that South Padre Island is only a 40 min bus ride from Mexico. Why pay all of that extra money to go to another country when you have everything you could want in one spot. One awesome thing is that all of the beaches are publicly owned so that means you can have as many drinks on the beach as you want. Plus you don’t have to worry about any long flights or worry that the weather will be crappy. Texas has great weather all year round.

Plus, MTV goes to South Padre and that makes the parties even better! All of the bars play the hottest dance music and you’ll definitely be there til they close. The beaches are packed all day long and even when it starts getting darker. The party doesn’t stop in South Padre.
There are so many restaurants and bars to choose from, you’ll have to hit up a few each day/night just to party at them all. Make sure you pack all of your party clothes, because you will be out on the town every night and you have to wear something new each day because you never know who you’ll bump in to!

Also, don’t forget your camera. There will be so many memories that you’ll want to take pics of everything that happens! When you look at all those crazy pics at the end of the week, it caps off the perfect trip.

Don’t forget, what happens in South Padre Island, stays in South Padre Island! : )

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