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Oh Papi! South Padre!

Wednesday Nov 25, 2009


So, Iíve researched all of the different hot spots for Spring Break 2010 and Iíve decided on Spring Break South Padre Island!

I obviously donít have a huge budget to work with but I wanted to go somewhere with the hottest spring break experience that was going to be inexpensive. South Padre Island is literally less than an hour away from Mexico but half the cost and I heard itís even crazier than Panama City Beach. The weather is going to be 70 and 80ís-which is perfect for laying out by the pool, getting a sweet tan and day drinking all day long.

I think the best place to stay is going to be the Howard Johnson, I heard itís by all the best bars: Chaos, Tequila Frogs and Louieís. A friend of mine that went last year said that those bars get ridiculousóIím so pumped and he said that there are a ton of contests like: bikini contests, dance contests, wet tshirt contests, bull riding, and a ton of others. Plus, you can get a card that gives you discounts to all the bars and hooks you up on food and drinks!

There are a ton of fun things to do on Spring Break in South Padre, TX like parasailing, snorkeling, surfing, diving, booze cruises to Mexico, how great that you can be in 2 different spring break hotspots all in one trip!!!

I also have a friend that goes to school in Texas and they all go down to South Padre for Spring Break and she said that everyone is in mini bikinis, lathered up with oil and never without a drink (or 2). I canít wait to party on the beach, play flippy-cup, do beer bongs, have dance parties and get crazy with all of my friends.

Spring Break South Padre is where itís at in 2010!

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Spring Break Texas Blog

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